Tunstall Healthcare delivers pioneering technology enabled care services that transform the experience of individuals and professionals to deliver truly connected care and health.

Our innovations adopt new models of care to support older people and those with long-term needs which improve outcomes, support prevention and achieve better use of resources.

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Technology Provider of the Year, HealthInvestor 2016 awards

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We offer an end-to-end solution, encompassing software and hardware development; world-leading manufacturing and technical standards; unsurpassed installation, maintenance and customer service and uninterrupted monitoring solutions.

Our unique range of telecare products unobtrusively monitor risks to safety in the home, enabling people to live independent lives with the knowledge that should an incident such as a fire or fall occur, help will be at hand. Our telehealth systems provide patients with the means to easily monitor their vital signs and symptoms at home, supporting the delivery of effective healthcare in the community.

If you would like to buy our products for yourself or your family, please visit our Lifeline at Home website

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