The CareClip is a wearable, mobile device enabling the user to easily access help when away from home. Features such as help button, location monitoring, fall detection, boundary alerts and two-way speech ensure formal or informal carers can respond quickly and support the independence and safety of the user.

Key features and benefits:

  • Secure – The CareClip is supported by a dedicated management platform, accessed through a highly secure web portal for set up and configuration and monitored using Tunstall PNC7.
  • Reliable – A true multi-network roaming SIM is included as part of the package. The CareClip raises a low battery alert when the battery reaches 30% capacity, ensuring the user can recharge before the battery becomes critically low.
  • Reassuring – Alerts will be raised in the event of the help button or a boundary being breached. Locations are tracked in real time and can provide a ‘breadcrumb trail’ of wearer’s journey for the last 24 hours.
  • Flexible – Carers can decide whether to receive alerts for information only, with the CareClip fully monitored by the centre, or to respond to all alerts themselves.
  • Efficient – The CareClip is fully charged in 3.5 hours. When CareClip senses it is in range of the docking station it deactivates GPS, extending battery life (12-14 battery life using GPS, 32 hours when in range of base unit).
  • Discreet – A small, lightweight easy-to-wear device with contemporary design.



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