As well as working with the media to promote telehealthcare successes, we also champion the cause with Government, academics, charities and key influencers.

We have also formed strategic partnerships with organisations who provide complementary products and services, and you can find out more about some of them here.

Carers UK

Carers UK

Carers UK is the voice of the UK's 6 million carers. Carers UK is fighting to raise awareness of the true value of carers' contribution to society and to ensure they receive the practical, financial and emotional support they need.

Working together, we promote telecare and telehealth solutions as a source of support for carers. Carers UK have produced a briefing document on telecare which highlights how new technology is improving many carers' lives by giving them, and the people they care for, greater independence.

Carers UK spotlight on telecare

Meeting the Care Challenge

Carers and Telecare

Carers UK have released 3 films to highlight how telecare can support carers and their families. Follow the links below to view:
Telecare Part 1
Telecare Part 2
Telecare Part 3


From 203-14, think tank Demos hosted the Commission on Residential Care (CORC). 

A group of Commissioners were drawn from various sectors with the aim of developing a new vision for the future of residential care.

Simon Arnold, UK & Ireland Managing Director for Tunstall Healthcare was one of the Commissioners. 



CommonWell is an EU project which aims to support independent living and improve the quality of life for older people and those with long-term conditions, by promoting better quality and more economically efficient solutions for the provision of integrated health and social services.

12 partners are cooperating in the project, with Tunstall Healthcare leading the technical work, supported financially by the European Commission and coordinated by European consultants Empirica. A total of 400 users across four locations in Europe received the newly integrated services for a minimum of twelve months and the project is currently being evaluated.

In Milton Keynes, the Council’s telecare service working in partnership with Tunstall, Milton Keynes Foundation Trust Hospital and Community Nursing Service, provided more than 100 with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) patients with telehealthcare equipment in their homes. The new project means that, for the first time, the same monitoring centre was able to receive alerts and information from telecare and telehealth equipment, allowing both sets of data to be viewed together. 

Results show hospital admissions and GP visits were reduced and 79% of users experienced major benefits, including included increased control/self-management and a more active daily life.

The CommonWell project is part funded by the EU Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme.

Click here to read the CommonWell case study

Continua Health Alliance

What is the Continua Health Alliance?
Tunstall is the only UK founder member of the Continua Health Alliance. Continua is a non-profit, open industry alliance of the finest healthcare and technology companies in the world, who have joined together to improve the quality of personal healthcare.

The Continua Health Alliance Mission
"Our Mission is to establish an eco-system of interoperable personal telehealth systems that empower people & organisations to better manage their health and wellness"

Who are the members?
Continua was announced on 6 June 2006 in San Francisco, with 22 founding members including Cisco Systems, GE, IBM, Intel, Kaiser Permanente, Medtronic, Motorola, Panasonic (Matsushita Electric), Royal Philips Electronics, Samsung, Sharp, Welch Allyn and Tunstall.

The alliance now has over 100 members, who are working together globally to establish interoperability standards for personal health products and services, to enable new models of healthcare for people worldwide.

How will the Continua Health Alliance help me?
Richard Foggie of the Department of Trade and Industry's electronics and IT services unit said:

Continua will play a key role in accelerating the development of scalable, cost-effective solutions for the care of older people and those with long-term conditions. The UK is pioneering the use of telecare and telehealth solutions on a large scale, through initiatives including the Government's £80M Preventative Technologies Grant. As Tunstall is the UK and world leader in telecare, I believe its contribution to the Alliance will be particularly important in terms of market experience, developing interoperability and reducing the overall costs of these solutions.

Latest News
For more information please visit


The dallas programme has been developed by the UK’s innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board, and joint funded by the National Institute for Health Research and the Scottish Government. It aims to demonstrate how innovative technologies and services can be used to promote well-being and provide top quality health and care, enabling people to live independently and to expect a better future.  

The total investment in dallas is £37.3 million and by summer 2015, the programme aims to involve nearly 170,000 people across the UK. Four consortia have successfully bid to run the programme, working with existing statutory health care provision.

Tunstall Healthcare is a partner in two of the consortia, and will be involved in two initiatives:

i-Focus a nationwide programme offering people a range of products and services to help them feel more comfortable in their homes.  The Warm Neighbourhoods scheme uses on-line and mobile technologies to enhance and organise informal care networks that help families, friends and neighbours to support others in the community in a practical way. i-Focus also aims to co-ordinate an interoperability strategy across the dallas programme.

The Feelgood Factory encourages people living in Liverpool to plan for their future in order to better manage their health and social care needs, supported by Life Enhancing Technologies(LETs). It aims to use discreet assistive technologies to help people with chronic health needs stay independent and avoid hospital admission.

As the UK’s population ages, it brings significant opportunities for British businesses to invest and be part of a growing global market that is responding to demand for innovative technologies and services that meet the wants of older adults.  The dallas programme will encourage and help businesses take advantage of this opportunity.

Steve Sadler, Chief Technology Officer for Tunstall said:

To be part of such an important initiative designed to unlock innovation and wellness through technology is both an honour and a challenge. We are looking forward to working with all partners to deliver people focused solutions which will not only benefit the local communities but also provide learning for the rest of the world. 

For further information about the programmes please visit:


Dimensions, the specialist provider of services for people with learning disabilities and people who experience autism, is working in partnership with Tunstall Healthcare to include telecare as part of the person-centred support it offers. The aim is to help more than 3,000 people review the way they are supported and consider using telecare to give them more choice, control and independence.

Also known as Assistive Technology, telecare will help to deliver Dimensions’ Personalisation Journey, and in particular the Just Enough Support element, by enabling care to be delivered more flexibly, taking account of the needs of the individual and what is important to them.

Find more information about Dimensions or read about the partnership here.

Learn more about learning disabilities by reading the Learning Disabiilities guide.

Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young is a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services, and in the UK is at the heart of healthcare, creating innovative sustainable solutions for the issues that matter. Together, Tunstall Healthcare and Ernst & Young have developed an approach embedding telehealthcare into care pathway redesign which is patient centric and clinically engaging.

Our approach begins with detailed and structured stakeholder engagement, which brings GPs, nurses, consultants and patients on a service improvement journey focused on improving the patient experience and delivering cost effective healthcare in the community. 

Tunstall Healthcare and Ernst & Young are working with a number of Primary Care Organisations including NHS North Yorkshire and York and NHS Gloucestershire, using technology as an enabler to release capacity in the health economy.

For more information on Ernst & Young, visit


The AKTIVE project explored how telecare can be developed to improve the life of individuals who are prone to falls or have memory problems.

Financed by the Technology Strategy Board, the project successfully launched in Leeds in May 2011 and is led by CIRCLE at the University of Leeds, with partners OIA at the University of Oxford, Tunstall Healthcare (UK) Ltd and Inventya Ltd.

The AKTIVE Working Papers include:


Hft is a national charity, providing local support services for people with learning disabilities throughout England, helping to empower individuals to make their own decisions about how they live their lives.

We’re committed to working in partnership with the people we support, their families and carers, health professionals, and other providers to develop effective, highly personalised services to suit individual needs, whether it's for just a couple of hours a week, or 24 hours a day.

We believe technology has a crucial role to play in empowering individuals and enhancing the lives of people with learning disabilities and their carers. Telecare has the potential to offer real alternatives to traditional models of care for people with learning disabilities and we will continue to use it appropriately to help the people we support live their lives in the way they choose.

For more information on how Hft is using personalised technology and a tour of their virtual smart house please visist

Health Intelligence

Established in 1996, Health Intelligence Ltd is a leading provider of advanced information management solutions for health organisations in the UK, helping them provide effective care and support to people with long-term conditions. Health Intelligence’s information analytics services are all population based, ensuring all patients or clients who would benefit from an intervention are readily identified and this enables us to: improve diagnosis; illuminate gaps in care; identify opportunities for efficiency; and reduce risk, for example, identify safety issues with GP Prescribing.

Health Intelligence’s risk stratification services are integral to Tunstall’s LifeCare proposition, a fully managed service which enables telehealthcare to be delivered at scale. Identifying the most appropriate patients for whom intervention is appropriate is a vital part of delivering an effective telehealthcare service, and Health Intelligence’s unique case finding module ensures providers have a robust, end-to-end referral process.

The Tunstall’s LifeCare solution, including risk stratification, follows a rigorous, proven process, working collaboratively with relevant stakeholders to couple wide-scale delivery with tailored service user support, thereby providing a fast track to delivering operational benefits for commissioners, service providers and users alike.

For more information on Health Intelligence please visit


INDEPENDENT is a European pilot project that brings together twenty partner organisations across six European Member States. Jointly, they have set up an ambitious work programme which aims at better capitalising on information and communications technology (ICT) when it comes to supporting older people in their communities. The ultimate goal is to empower older people to maintain their independence.

A particular focus is on enabling, with help of technology, a better joining-up of social and health care services as they currently exist. There is also emphasis on strengthening the participation of the so called “third sector,” family carers and voluntary community workers who would otherwise not be in the usual information sharing loop.

Click here to read the latest Independent newsletter.

Click here to find out more.

Mears Group

Improving client outcomes whilst saving money in domiciliary care.

Tunstall Healthcare Group and Mears Group have entered into a partnership agreement to embed telecare services into Mears domiciliary care services and to jointly promote this proposition to Public Sector commissioners. This innovative model will provide an integrated commissioning model which incorporates housing, telecare, care and repair.

Two key objectives can be achieved by using Tunstall telecare as an integral part of Mears service delivery model:

  • Improved quality of life for service users
  • Reduced costs for service commissioners

Simon Arnold, Managing Director, Tunstall Healthcare said:

It is very refreshing to have this injection of new ideas and innovation in the sector and we are delighted to be partnering with Mears to offer this integrated service to commissioners and service users. It will simplify the whole process of receiving care and support services in the home and with the introduction of Telecare, it offers a much more cost effective service which is focussed on improving client outcomes, preventing the need for  more  intensive interventions.

View Community Care article



Model for Optimising Scaleable Telehealthcare (MOST)

This project tackles a major healthcare challenge, namely the overwhelming need for alternative and more affordable models of care delivery in managing long term conditions. It is understood that care can often be provided more effectively closer to a patient's normal environment. It is also recognised that technology is a necessary enabler for change, particularly where: new models include care at a distance; where sustainable delivery needs the repeatibility and auditability characteristic of software implementation; and where technology can encourage people to take responsibility for managing their own health.

As part of the Technology Strategy Board's Assisted Living: Economic and Business Models and Social & Behavioural Studies competition, the partnership consists of Tunstall Healthcare (project lead), Ernst & Young LLP, NHS North Yorkshire and York and Nuffield Trust.


Outputs from MOST

Read the report 

Views on day-to-day service issues and the role of telehealthcare: a report from the Model for Optimising Sustainable Telehealthcare programme

Read the blog

Making the most of telehealthcare - a summary of the report


For further advice and support, please call Tunstall on 01977 660201





Northern Housing Consortium

The Northern Housing Consortium (NHC) is a not for distributed profit making and non political membership organisation. Full membership is drawn from Local Authorities, ALMOs, Registered Providers and other organisations involved in housing, from across the three Northern regions of the North East, North West and Yorkshire & Humberside.

Northern Housing Consortium's primary role is to support and represent their members, who, between them, are responsible for 86% of social housing in the North. They do this through the provision of a range of products and services aimed at ensuring that the interests of the North are fully consulted, represented and served at sub-regional, regional and national level.

Operating on a national level, Consortium Procurement is the commercial services team of the Northern Housing Consortium, responsible for the development and delivery of business solutions to meet the needs of its membership. These solutions are compliant collaborative framework agreements, let under the European Union Procurement Directive, and accessible by any current or future Consortium member organisation.

In partnership with Tunstall, Consortium Procurement is able to offer an OJEU compliant assistive technology framework which allows members to interact with their selected partner(s) without the need for further competition, saving you valuable resources such as time and money.

For further information on how Consortium Procurement can help you with the delivery of assistive technology please contact a member of the Business Development team on (0191) 566 1000 or email

View Investing in Telecare - An Efficiency Measurement Toolkit

PA Consulting

For over 20 years PA Consulting Group (PA) has been involved in redesigning and implementing new health services, working with central government on delivering effective new policies and with providers and commissioners to improve front-line delivery of services.  

PA has been working with Tunstall Healthcare to design and develop a benefits driven approach for the implementation of telehealthcare. This focuses on delivering improved clinical outcomes, improved levels of service delivery and financial savings, by creating the right environment for transformation using telehealthcare as a mechanism.

Tunstall Healthcare and PA are working with a number of Primary Care Organisations in the UK including Bexley Care Trust, deploying telehealthcare at appropriate touchpoints in the care pathway to improve the quality of care to patients with long term conditions whilst keeping control of financial spend.

For more information about PA visit


Virtex is a partnership between Tunstall, Fold Housing Association, Housing 21, DigiTV and the University of Sheffield which will deliver an innovative research project to develop a Virtual Extra Care Service (VIRTEx) within local communities.

Following successful funding from the Government's Technology Strategy Board as part of the Assisted Living Innovation Platform (ALIP), the project will address the challenges created by an ageing population and the growing number of people with long-term conditions.

The aim of the VIRTEx project is to build a virtual community of connected carers and cared-for, to deliver flexible community-based care, preserve social inclusion and maintain a healthier lifestyle and independent living by encouraging change in behaviour.

According to Melinda Phillips, Chief Executive of Housing 21:

Social isolation can often lead to a decline in health amongst older people, so by keeping service users in contact with other people as well as health and social care providers, the virtual extra care scheme will play an important part in keeping people active and in encouraging social interaction.

Kevin McSorley, Director of Telecare for Fold Housing said:

The extra care model has proven highly successful in providing round-the-clock care and support to older people, promoting a healthier lifestyle and ensuring they are able to play an active role in the community.  Extending this model into the wider community will help to meet the growing demand for more independent living from older people and those with long-term conditions.

Steve Sadler Group Technical Director at Tunstall added:

A new generation of telehealthcare technology will allow us to create a connected community, providing access to health and social care services that flex across traditional boundaries and contribute to social inclusion through innovative information services.


Good Governance Institute

Good Governance Institute supports better governance practice and ensures organisations develop a focus on leadership and strategy.

Tunstall has worked with the Good Governance Institute to produce a series of papers and guides, including Keeping the NHS Great. 

Keeping the NHS great - delivering technology enabled care services

It’s a failure of the system to change that is denying people life changing support and technology is being put in the too difficult box.

GGI and Tunstall Healthcare launch a new discussion paper ‘Keeping the NHS Great, Delivering Technology Care Enabled Services” which looks at

·         the benefits of integrating care services through the use of technology

·         the existing evidence base

·         the barriers to deployment of TECS

·         emerging recommendations for policy makers

Technology enabled care services (TECS) such as telecare and telehealth, can be life-changing not only for the individual, but for family, carers and the professionals involved in their care. But the overwhelming conclusion of an expert group brought together by GGI was that there needs to be a system-wide cultural change in order to overcome the barriers of adopting TECS.

The experts recommended that there needs to be:

·         System wide transformation and cultural change

·         Aligned incentives, pooled budgets and outcome based commissioning

·         Evidence best practice and evidence review

·         A National awareness and patient empowerment programme with a personal technology Czar

The ‘Keeping the NHS Great, Delivering Technology Care Enabled Services” discussion paper is available for download here. It will be launched at both the Labour and Conservative party conferences. For information, please contact the report authors.

For more information about GGI, visit Good Governance Institute

Housing LIN

The Housing LIN (Learning and Improvement Network) is the leading knowledge hub for a network of housing, health and social care professionals in England.

European Connected Health Alliance

The European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance) brings people and organisations in the health and wellbeing industry together.

ECHAlliance provides a unique partnership of organisations, companies and government bodies to transform healthcare delivery and create economic benefits.

In bringing together commercial, academic and healthcare stakeholders, ECHAlliance facilitates focused leadership for the development of connected health markets across Europe and beyond. Connected health is an umbrella term which includes eHealth, mHealth, telehealth, telecare, pHealth, digital health and other terms which promote the use of technology in health care.

For more information click here.

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