Innovation is nothing new to us.

Tunstall has been creating innovative products
and services to help older people and those
with long-term needs live life to the full for
over 50 years.

Our ongoing investment in R&D coupled with our comprehensive customer insight programme sustains this heritage of innovation, and means we remain at the forefront of providing new solutions which maximise the possibilities presented by the next generation of telehealthcare solutions.

Listening, Learning, Leading.

The Connected Home

Mary's VIP Home

Find out more about our unique venue for discovering what is possible today, giving people an opportunity to explore how connected products and services can be used in an assisted living environment.

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New falls detector

The Vibby can give confidence to anyone who is at risk of falling, such as people with limited mobility, older people and people with long-term conditions such as epilepsy, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. 

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New mobile device







Find out more about our latest product, the CareClip, a wearable, mobile device which enables the user to easily access help when away from home.

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Whole Systems Demonstrator

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