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Tunstall Healthcare Group’s global Innovations Centre provides a showcase to experience how technology enabled care integrates into people’s lives by creating a contemporary and comfortable space for consultation, collaboration and creation.

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Tunstall provides Connected Care and Connected Health solutions that give people the freedom to lead as independent a life as they are able, secure in the knowledge that they are connected to the care they need, as and when they need it. However, technology is moving at a rapid rate and the Innovations Centre has been designed to help incubate, analyse and develop the best ideas from around the world. This in turn will add significant benefits to the clients, professionals and people with health and care needs supported by Tunstall services.

This first of its kind development features the latest technologies and a range of facilities including; an Exploration Bar, with tactile, interactive and static elements; Information Graphic Display with statistics, timeline and infographics for quick view and curiosity; Video Wall for scene setting, videos and animations; a Lounge for comfortable consultation and indulgent conversation; an Immersive Theatre a projection mapping theatre, with story-telling and presentations and two Creative Rooms with televideo conferencing and space for creative/research sessions.

The experience introduces 5 zones:

  • Zone 1: Integrated Care

A mixture of high touch services driven by intelligent software which coordinates the efficient delivery of health and social care services. Using big data as a means to respond proactively, preventing unnecessary admissions and promoting wellbeing.

  •  Zone 2: The Connected Home

Utilising the Lifeline home hub to create services which respond to bespoke trigger points based on the user’s activities and lifestyle habits. Connecting this data to the user’s immediate formal and informal care network to proactively manage the user’s health and wellbeing.

  • Zone 3: The Dev Room

Used to demonstrate some of the raw thinking and research behind the concepts demonstrated in the centre to show users the considerations and requirements that have driven the product design.

  •  Zone 4: App Bar

Includes a telehealth area with showcasing the latest solutions, links to monitoring software and assisted living system demonstrations.

  •  Zone 5: Workshop

A collaborative area where we develop a proactive, interoperable approach with partnering organisations and complementary products.

The Innovations Centre will be used to shape Tunstall’s future product roadmap by providing a space for customers, end users, academics and partners to feed in their views to the development process and ensure we keep up with the rapidly changing pace of technology. It provides a unique, dedicated space to define the challenge and help accelerate the development and design process to evolve the next generation of digital connected healthcare, create new innovations and service models that genuinely meet the needs of commissioners and consumers.

Steve Sadler, CTO at Tunstall added

“The concept of Connected Care and Connected Health incorporating IP and mobile technologies is an important part of the future for us all, and the Innovations Centre will help us create and evaluate new models of care and really make the art of the possible a reality. The future is very exciting and the Centre will allow us to share the learning as well as create some fantastic propositions in partnership.”

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Read a blog by Graeme Wilson, Software Architect, revealing what we’ve learned since the Innovations Centre was established.

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