Tunstall training courses are designed to transfer the knowledge and skills required to successfully implement connected care and connected health. 

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Why choose Tunstall training?
Our training is delivered by a team of accredited professional trainers, the quality of which is continuously monitored to ensure it meets our very high standards. Our courses are designed to meet the needs of the customer following a training needs analysis, enabling delegates to leave with the skills and techniques required in their roles. 
Our training courses focus on:
Connected care 
These course covers telecare solutions, including risk identification and technical understanding
Connected health 
These courses cover telehealth solutions, including risk identification and technical understanding
Monitoring software
These courses cover PNC software and consultancy. 
Our partnership with Helen Sanderson Associates
We have been working with Helen Sanderson Associates to explore how new technologies can work with person-centred practices to create innovative and effective approaches to care and support.
Interested in our training courses?
For more information on any of the Tunstall courses, or want to enquire about what we can design for you please email our team at

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