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Tunstall LifeCare TM provides a structure for transforming care and support services. LifeCare is a partnership approach which uses Connected Care and Connected Health solutions to underpin system redesign and culture change, enabling improved outcomes and delivering significant financial savings.

Creating efficiencies, improving care

Health, housing and social care providers are under ever increasing pressure, and many are seeking new, more sustainable means of delivering services. Connected Care and Connected Health solutions such as telecare and telehealth can enable more people to be supported in the community, helping to delay or avoid the need for more costly interventions. However, to be most effective, such technologies need to be embedded into provision, and form part of a mainstream service delivery.

Tunstall LifeCare has been created to provide a framework for applying best practice to services, helping to integrate support and reduce future costs by shifting the focus to prevention strategies using technology as an enabler. We work in partnership with customers to understand their particular challenges and develop a strategy to address them based on the three Ds of Design, Delivery and Development. The approach is modular, meaning customers can choose support with specific areas or to partner with Tunstall for the whole service, maximising the potential of technology to support the delivery of integrated, efficient and person-centred care and support.

For more information, download our Best Practice Guide or contact our marketing department on marketing@tunstall.com

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